Specialising in business and education recycling and recommerce

When it comes to the lifecycle management of your technology estate, we understand the importance of cost effective retirement of your aged equipment and the secure management of your sensitive data. Here at TradologyUK Ltd our technology lifecycle solutions provide a range of services that are designed to deliver on these needs professionally, securely and with minimum financial stress.

Each year we recycle thousands of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other technology equipment from companies, schools, colleges and councils across the UK. Our trained staff collect equipment in our own vehicles for processing and certified data sanitisation at our facility in Shropshire where each item is evaluated for refurbishment potential and resale into the second hand market.

Our services are delivered to the highest standards with each step of the recycling process clearly communicated to our customers. Finally, once your equipment has been fully checked, data cleansed and refurbished we issue asset-by-asset certification and a full report for your records.

When it comes to purchasing equipment, Tradology Renewed offers your organisation a trusted and safe way to purchase graded devices and computing equipment for your business or education establishment. Buying renewed ensures you maximum the effectiveness of your technology budget by accessing fully refurbished devices that meet today's needs.


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When it comes to device retirement, many businesses are now fully aware of the necessity to ethically recycle electronic equipment and protect sensitive data. TradologyUK support companies across multiple industries including corporate, hospitality, medical, legal and entertainment sectors to correctly exit their redundant equipment.


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The education sector handles a vast amounts of private data so when its time to refresh school  IT estates its vitally important to exit redundant equipment safely and securely. Our education recycling services supports schools and colleges every step of the way through the journey.

Value Recovery

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We help our customers unlock the highest residual values left in their exiting IT equipment through our refurbishment and remarketing process.

A lot of aged equipment still has value, we can help you unlock those funds to help offset the cost of new equipment purchasing or to reinvest back into your business.


When it comes to purchasing devices for your business many customers are learning that high quality used products have many benefits over purchasing brand new equipment.

Tradology Renewed gives you the perfect way of purchasing high quality used and refurbished mobile devices and computing equipment for your business or school.

Through our Tech as a Service solution our asset finance solution will allow you to easily bundle equipment into a simple, cost effective finance solution to allow easy management of technology procurement.

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Secure Data Destruction

Using industry leading data sanitisation software to securely erase all your private data to GDPR standards. Fully certified service.

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IT Disposal / Recycling

Working across multiple sectors ethically recycling all types of electronic equipment including computers, servers, mobile devices, displays and gaming equipment.

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Mobile Device Recycling

Specialising in business mobile asset management, EOL recycling and end-of-lease recycling. Facilitating the release of residual values from mobile estates.

What our customers are saying

"Fantastic service and communication throughout, the team have been incredibly professional and have made the process of recycling our old IT equipment perfectly painless. We were also pleasantly surprised by the value our old hardware had. I would recommend Tradology to anyone."


Quality Assured

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