TradologyUK Ltd are a Shropshire based technology company offering a fully encompassed technology recycling service to customers across the UK. Our services include IT asset disposal, technology recycling, secure data erasure and refurbishment & remarketing services.

It's never been more important to look at the ways we dispose of our waste. Gone are the days of throwing any old product into a skip and sending it to landfill, that simply is not an option anymore.

Here at TradologyUK Ltd we offer simple but effective tech lifecycle solutions to help our customers exit their redundant tech products from their homes, businesses and education establishments.

Our primary objectives when recycling technology products is to protect sensitive data and to reduce landfill by promoting our ' tech reuse' program. Many tech products destined for disposal may still have reuse potential, with some refurbishment.

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We evaluate each and every item that passes through our business for reuse potential, then carry our any necessary refurbishment before giving them a second lease of life.

Our Tradology Renewed reuse program ensures that as many items are repaired and refurbished and reused instead of sitting in landfill. It's through this process that allows us to offer the best residual values for these products which generates additional revenue for our customers. Revenue that can be reinvested into their business or used to offset the costs of purchasing new equipment.


Our mobile device testing and data sanitisation managed via industry leading MobiONE systems


As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher we only supply geniune certified software on our computers


All our computers are data sanitised using an industry leading system from White Canyon


We are constantly working towards a greener world as a Green Achiever partner.

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Secure Data Destruction

Using industry leading data sanitisation software to securely erase all your private data to GDPR standards. Fully certified service.

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IT Disposal / Recycling

Working across multiple sectors ethically recycling all types of electronic equipment including computers, servers, mobile devices, displays and gaming equipment.

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Mobile Device Recycling

Specialising in business mobile asset management, EOL recycling and end-of-lease recycling. Facilitating the release of residual values from mobile estates.