Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now integrated into every part of our every-day life. Phone and tablets contain pretty much all our personal data and the way we dispose of our aged products is now vitally important.

The mobile world moves so swiftly with new products being released each year. The average lifecycle of a mobile product is 2 to 3 years with many of us changing our mobile device every year now.

When it comes to recycling our old mobile devices, simply factory resetting them to remove our data isn't enough. This does not remove all your personal data and data that is retrievable using specific software. With most of us having online banking, email passwords, social media accounts and sensitive data on our devices, we need to ensure we recycle them the right way.

This is where we can help. TradologyUK Ltd specialise in recycling and data erasure of mobile devices. We use industry leading software solutions that are ADISA approved and each wipe is carried out to GDRP standards ensuring that all of your private data is completed removed and non-recoverable. A data erasure certificate is supplied for each wipe too, so you can rest assured that every device recycled with us has been fully and securely data erased.

Each device is then assessed for reuse potential and passed through our refurbishment process. This simple but effective process means we are able to offer the best residual value for your redundant mobile devices and you recoup the maximum value left in your equipment. For those devices deemed to have no reuse potential are disposed of accordingly.

Industry standard data destruction

We use industry standard ADISA approved data destruction methods to safely and securely remove your private data.

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Safe and secure collections

Collections using our own drivers and vehicles means your equipemt is safe and secure in transit.

A quick and simple processes

Recycling your mobile devices is simple, easy and effective. We offer free collections and audits of your devices, then each device is data erased to GDPR standards and payment is made along with your wipe certificate per device.

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 Mobile Recycling