Device as a Service 

TradologyUK's DaaS helps reduce the cost and complexity of device lifecycle management.
Bring together the right devices, the right service and support into one easy manageable monthly subscription.

Device as a Service - transforming tech lifecycle management

It's a common and increasing problem, finding the money to purchase new IT equipment and services for your business, school or college. Budgets are being stretched year-on-year with funds being spread thiner across technology needs, and assets being sweated longer and become less productive in the workplace. But there is a solution!

It's now easy to give your workforce, teachers or students access to the latest technology without the burden of a big financial outlay from the start. Our Device as a Service (DaaS) solution allows customers to bundle hardware, software, services and support into a simple, single end-to-end solution with a consistent monthly subscription that is easy to manage, and scale at any point in time.

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Access the latest technology without the

Adopting a DaaS model for your tech procurement can benefit your business in many ways. None the least of the financial savings versus an outright capital purchase were savings of up to 20% can easily be made.