TradologyUK Partners with Data Destruction Specialists RedkeyUSB

We are extremely happy to announce an exciting partnership between TradologyUK Ltd and RedkeyUSB Ltd that will see our data sanitisation service take a huge step forward.

We live in a technical world which is heavily reliant on computers, so protecting our personal and company data at the point of recycling aged equipment is vitally important.

The Redkey is forensically certified data sanitisation process that is scientifically proven to erase all user data from HDD and SSD storage devices. Redkey has achieved Level 1 ADISA (Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance) certification (Level 2 for SED drives).

Simply resetting your equipment before recycling it will not remove all user data, data that can easily be retrieved with data retrieval software. However, with our free data destruction service, powered by Redkey, all equipment recycled with us will be securely sanitised and certified.

With the adoption of the Redkey data sanitisation solution we are able to continue with our high level of data protection, wiping to over 25 internationally recognised data sanitisation algorithms to meet GDPR requirements to the highest Military grade data destruction requirements.

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