Telford Businesses Announce Tech Recycling Partnership for the Education Sector

TradologyUK Ltd is proud and excited to announce a new partnership with leading education training and consultancy provider, Tablet Academy Ltd. A partnership that will enable education institutions a way to recycle and dispose of their redundant technology quickly, easily and safely.

There has never been a more crucial time to change the way we dispose of our old school technology. Managing the deletion of personal and company data safely, and reducing your carbon footprint and landfill, are all important practices when disposing of old equipment from our institutions.

Through the new collaborative recycling service, schools can have their redundant technology collected, data wiped, and recycled to full EU GDPR compliance.

Mark York, Managing Director of Tablet Academy said: “ We are proud to provide this free recycling service which not only eliminates the hassle of having to dispose of old technology yourself, but also helps the environment and reduces your carbon footprint, and gives you the opportunity of saving money.“

Schools will be able to claim the residual value of their recycled technology as Tablet Academy credits and redeem them against any Tablet Academy service or product from their specialised STEM Shop. The service is free, fair, safe, and hassle free.

Matt Giles, Managing Director of TradologyUK Ltd said: “This is a really exciting partnership that provides a valuable service to the UK education sector. Our service not only helps raise much needed funds from their old tech, but also allows the exiting equipment to be disposed of safely, securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Institutions interested in learning more can visit the Tablet Academy website to request further information:

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