Does your business focus on supplying IT hardware and services? If so, have you thought about how your customers recycle their redundant technology when you supply new devices? With e-waste becoming a serious issue globally, now is the time to look at how your business deals with customer recycling and explore how to make steps to integrate recycling into your service proposition.

Historically, IT suppliers havent had to think to much about how their end users exit redundant IT equipment from their schools or businesses. However with the growing e-waste crisis throwing more light on the serious effects technology waste is having on the environment, twinned with the need to comply with GDPR legislation for data destruction, many end users are now becoming acutely aware of the need to recycling ethically and manage sensitve data correctly. This awareness is now influencing which IT service provider they partner with, with many now looking for an ethical recycling solution to be part of the proposition.

By integrating a recycling solution into your service range you will be able to offer a truly circular service that is both ethical and climate friendly. This can help you attract new customers and becomre more cost effective. But how do you go about doing this?


Establising an entire licenced recycling department into your business is simply not feasible for the vast majority of businesses. However, by joing our Reseller Recycing Program you can quickly and simply integrate a full recycling service into your proposition without the associated cost and stress of doing it yourself.


So what is the Resellers Recycling Program? Quite simply its the ability to integrate our full range of IT disposal, tech recycling and GDPR compliant data destruction services into your own business proposition, under your own branding. Our team then takes care of all the logistics of collecting your customers equipment and managing the whole recycling process from start to finish.



Resellers Recycling Program Service Range

By joining the RRP you are able to offer the following fully managed services to your end users

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Secure Data Destruction

Using industry leading data sanitisation software to securely erase all private business and school data to GDPR standards. Fully certified service.

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IT Disposal / Recycling

Working across multiple sectors ethically recycling all types of electronic equipment including laptops, computers, servers, tablets, smartphones, AV and gaming equipment.

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Mobile Device Recycling

Specialising in the decommissioning of telecoms estates and EOL or end-of-lease business mobiles


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When it comes to device retirement, many businesses are now fully aware of the necessity to ethically recycle electronic equipment and protect sensitive data. TradologyUK have experience recycling from the corporate, hospitality, medical, legal and entertainment sectors to correctly exit their redundant equipment.


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The education sector handles a vast amounts of private data so when its time to refresh school  IT estates its vitally important to exit redundant equipment safely and securely. Our team includes education specilaists bringing a vast amount of experience in dealing with schools.



We are help telecom companies safely and securely decommission mobile estates and end-of-lease business mobiles to maximise residual value opportunites.

Asset Value Release

One of the key parts of our service is the abililty to release residual values from aged equipment destined for recycling. Many IT assets still have some market value when they are deemed to have reached the end of their lives.

During our recycling process each asset is carefully assessed for it's reuse potential and we release values based on this potential once the item is refurbished and given a second lease of life.

Why is this important? It's via this process that allows us to unlock the highest residual values in your customers equipment, meaning you get money back for the recycled equipment via a capital rebate payment. This new revenue stream can then be used in any way you wish, with many of our customers using this additional capital to fund additional equipemt or to fund services and trianing.

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Become Climate friendly

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In a world where only we can reverse the harm e-waste and climate change has done to our planet, integrating an ethical recycling solution into your business is quite frankly, a no brainer.

Adpotiong our technology recycling program offers a huge step forward for any business in becoming more climate positive. Its a free program that allows you to provide all the necessary services an end user needs to ethically and securely exit redundant and unwanted IT equipment from their schools and business with zero fuss and zero worries.

The next bit is down to you! Are you ready to make that step to become more climate positive and imporove your service offering to your customers? If so, please feel free to pick up the phone, send us an email or give us a call today to find out how you can become the next business to succesfully join the tradologyUK Reseller Recycling Program and start becoming more climate positive.

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