Protecting our data is one of the most critical aspect of our business. We provide secure and certified data destruction services for mobile devices and computing products.

Whether you are recycling a device​ or if you simply need data erasing from a device to move it on to a new owner, factory resetting just doesnt cut it. We use industry leading software to securely erase your private data from a device to ensure GDRP compliance.

Our data erasure solution is performed in-house and caters for Android and iOS devices. With the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the requirements to erase data from used devices has become an industry standard. Our preferred software solution is a certificated ADISA approved application and ensures full GDPR compliance with each device being issued a certificate of completion linked to the devices IMEI or serial number.

For laptops and desktops, we use one of the best software solutions on the market from White Canyon, a company well know globally for its multi-platform data erasure solutions. We have varying levels of wipes to suite all needs right up to 6-pass Military grade standards. Each device that passes through our data erasure procedure is fully certificated for full audit trail.

Wiping to the highest Standards

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Do you have an IT recycling requirement?

 Secure Data Erasure 

Mobile device data erasure

We use one of the best mobile teat, check, wipe and unlock solutions availble to process our mobile deivices.


IT data erasure

We operate Wipedrive data destruction solution from White Canyon software wiping to multi level data destruction levels.