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 Technology as a Service 

TradologyUK's TaaS helps reduce the cost and complexity of device lifecycle management.
TaaS brings together the right hardware, the best services and support into one easy manageable monthly subscription via our finance partnership with Bluestone Leasing Ltd.

TradologyUK TaaS Solution

It's a common and increasing problem, finding the available capital to purchase new technology equipment and services for your organisation. Budgets are being stretched year-on-year with funds being spread thinner, meaning assets are being sweated longer and becoming less productive in the workplace. But there is a solution: Asset Finance!

More and more customers are choosing to spread the cost of their technology investments over time and unlock powerful tax benefits with bespoke asset finance.


For most organisations, the concept of paying for technology using asset finance is a new one. However, once customers realise that they can include all the project costs in one simple and affordable finance solution, the benefits tend to take over.

For many of our customers, retaining capital to deploy elsewhere within their organisation is key, whilst for others, recognising the benefits of treating asset investment like their mortgage or vehicle lease is more beneficial.


By paying a fixed amount each month for your technology, you will be able to keep more cash in your organisation, easily manage your budgets, and possibly enjoy significant tax benefits.

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We are delighted to offer finance through our provider, Bluestone Leasing Ltd, which enables us to offer our customers many different asset finance options to suit a range of different needs.

Whether you are purchasing new or refurbished equipment, our bespoke TaaS asset finance options allow you to better manage your technology procurement with terms from 12 to 60 months.


Bluestone Leasing has access to one of the largest specialist funding panels and offers a comprehensive service that allows our customers to bundle all project costs in to one finance package, often covering all expenditure including non-asset based elements such as labour, fees and delivery.

Adopting a TaaS model for your tech procurement can benefit your business in many ways.

Why Asset Finance?

Fixed, affordable payments

With rates and payments fixed throughout the finance agreement, budgeting and planning are made simple..

Tax Benefits

Leasing can unlock 100% tax relief (on both capital and interest) which can make a huge difference for many businesses.

Opportunity Cost

Sinking your capital into ultimately depreciating assets isn’t a great way to make cash work for you. Finance lets you keep the cash so you can utilise it where it can make a difference.

Match Cost Return

With cash, ultimately you pay upfront and in full for investments which only return value over time. Why not simply spread your costs in line with your return?

Too Many Eggs

Over reliance on your primary funder is never a great strategy. Accessing specialist funders increases your available credit lines and reduces your risk.

Lifecycle Management

Never again face spikey capital investment requirements, often when you have not budgeted for them. Spreading the costs lets you plan for the future, avoid equipment redundancy and take control of future investments.

Meet our finance partner, Bluestone Leasing Ltd

Bluestone Leasing is a leading provider of asset finance to UK organisations in both the private and public sectors. Since 1996 it has provided customers with access to one of the largest portfolios of specialist banks and funders in the UK. With transactions ranging from £1,000-£10M+, they cover just about every size of project.

We are incredibly proud to call Bluestone our finance provider which enables us to offer a wide range of funding options for our customers when it comes to technology procurement.

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