Buying tech for your business, school or college is an expensive process, so when it comes time to replace those devices you need to make sure your redundant equipment is still working for you.

So what does that actually mean? recycling used to mean paying someone to collect your old equipment and rushing it out the door to make way for the new, not giving too much thought if it's actually worth anything. However, for many fully functioning IT assets, in good cosmetic condition, they still may retain some residual value. Even when they come to the end of their life with your business or school.

If there is value left in your old devices, we will help you find it. In many cases we can provide an upfront estimate of valuation if provided with a detailed list of items. We then collect free of charge to asses and test each assets at our facility in Shropshire.

Any alterations to values are made after assessment if any faults are found during testing, similarly any increases will also be made if items are found to be of a better standard than initially stated.

Once the process is complete, funds generated from your recycling will be paid to you in the form of a rebate payment for you to reinvest into your business or school.


We believe in helping all of our customers access values left in their devices at time of recycling. This is why our customers become repeat customers.

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 Asset Value Recovery 

Do you have redundant IT equipment?

If your business, school, college or university has any redundant or unused IT equipment please get in touch. We can help exit that tech securely, protect your sensitive data and release values left in the equipment through our recycling process.

Dont leave your old equipment wasting away in a cupboard or unused room. Unlock the values so you can reinvest that money into your business.

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